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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


random acts of vandalism
got me caught up in energy scandals
dreams of pyramids engulfed in technicolor prisims
feeling devanaire...
decompressing in random altitudes..
money wise scare


I just need some time to ramble
dabble in the good life...align my idiosyncrasies
smile in the moons eyes..
the one with miles to hike
the one with smiles from a mermaid who lives in ohio
(not to be exact)
with her hair golden threads of sunshine.

my spine

is my affair
take time to bare with us
fair natured children
driving a mental school bus


I travel
but theres only friends and rat dogs this summer..
bummer for my brothers who still cant figure out which crowd they belong in...
I on the other hand...just feel the need to be as close to omnipresent as i can get...

its one of my many gifts...

I guess more so...Im manifesting it

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